Wireless Data Loggers: Everything You Need to Know

Wireless Data Loggers: Everything You Need to Know

Wireless data loggers or Wi-Fi data loggers combine digital accuracy and precision with compact efficiency. It Utilizes a wireless network to connect to either a computer or a cloud-based system. Making it especially helpful in viewing recordings remotely. They’re also particularly helpful when data needs to be collected from remote or hazardous locations, or wired connections may not be practical.

Data loggers are essential for any environment where monitoring and tracking safety and quality levels are necessary. Whether it’s ensuring medications are kept at the right temperature while being stored, or that food doesn’t fall in or out of the proverbial Danger Zone, we rely every day on data loggers to sensor, monitor, track and store data for extended periods of time.

Wireless Data Loggers: Features and Benefits

A single wireless data logger comes equipped with a multitude of features:

Sensor Compatibility

Wireless data loggers are designed with built-in sensors that can detect the slightest change in temperature, humidity, pressure, light and vibration. 

Wide Communication Range

Wireless data loggers use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular networks to transmit data. The communication range varies depending on the wireless technology used. For instance, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have a shorter range of up to 100 and 10 meters, respectively, while cellular signals can transmit data over longer distances.

Long Battery Life

Some data loggers have a battery life of a few months, while others can last up to several years. This longevity depends on the frequency of data collection and transmission, the type of wireless technology used and the size of the battery. The best data loggers can be permanently powered via an ac/dc power supply with a constant battery backup.

Diverse Data Storage

Wi-Fi data loggers can either store data locally or transmit it in real-time to a remote server. This means that some data loggers have built-in storage that can hold data for several months or years. While others rely on transmission to an external remote source immediately when data is collected.

And the benefits of a wireless data logger in your operations are many:

Remote Monitoring

Wireless data loggers allow for remote tracking of data from hard-to-reach or hazardous locations — for instance, in a clinical environment where vaccines and medications are stored, or in cold, refrigerated environments where food temperatures need regulating. This capability all but eliminates the need for frequent site visits, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Real-Time Data

Wireless data loggers can transmit data in real-time, allowing for immediate analysis and response to any abnormalities. This can be critical in situations where rapid response is needed to prevent damage or minimize risks. Stored and prepared on-site at a restaurant or public place needs to be kept within safe temperatures to avoid the risk of spoilage or foodborne illness.

Reduced Installation Costs

Wireless data loggers do not require extensive cabling, which is not only convenient in avoiding a tangled mess of wires, but it also reduces installation costs and makes them more flexible. This also allows for easier installation in areas where wired connections may not be feasible or safe — just plug and play, connect to a wireless network or server and you’re ready to go.

Easy to Use

Above all, a wireless data logger’s user friendliness might be its greatest asset.  Users don’t need any specialized knowledge or training beyond following its enclosed instructions. Making them accessible to a wider range of users. Including those without technical expertise, even when the environment they’re installed in may be clinical or specialized.

Wireless Data Loggers: Solutions

Wireless data loggers, despite their small and discreet size, find application across a wide range of applications:

Connection With Wireless Data Loggers

If you need any of the above solutions, choose from our selection of wireless data loggers. Setting up and installing the software packages is easy. They include free tools for setup, data logging, and data review.

To find out which data logger is right for your needs, contact Control Solutions today. 

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