VFC Data Logger Requirements

VFC Data Logger Requirements

To ensure the safe and efficient storage and monitoring of vaccines, it is essential to follow the guidelines for a VFC (Vaccines for Children) data logger. Maintaining the potency of vaccines requires tight temperature control due to their delicate nature as biological products. In this process, a VFC data logger plays a crucial role by continuously recording and monitoring temperature conditions. The following are the essential specifications for a reliable VFC data logger:

CDC Requirements

Compliance with Regulations: The VFC data logger should adhere to the rules established by relevant agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The data logger will adhere to quality and safety criteria, and include a certificate of Calibration to ensure the device was tested for accuracy.

Temperature Monitor


Different types of data loggers

To track and record various parameters, many types of data loggers are available. Data loggers for temperature and humidity are two popular varieties. These tools provide accurate environmental monitoring in laboratories by continuously measuring and recording temperature and humidity levels. Another type of data logger is the temperature monitor, specifically designed for recording and monitoring temperature. It offers high accuracy and is applicable to a variety of businesses. Additionally, there are specialist data loggers, like ultra-cold data loggers, available for use in ultra-low temperature freezers or cryogenic storage facilities. These loggers are created expressly to monitor and record extremely low temperatures, ensuring secure storage of delicate samples or vaccinations requiring extremely low temperatures.

Temperature, and Humidity

The UHADO-16, the best option for thorough environmental monitoring, is one of Control Solutions’ temperature and humidity data loggers. UHADO-16 provides accurate temperature and humidity monitoring with cutting-edge features and dependability. Maintain environmental management while defending delicate processes and products.

Data logger Monitor

Our VFC400 at Control Solutions satisfies every requirement for a data logger monitor. It exemplifies how user-friendly a data logger should be. With its user-friendly setup and intuitive UI, simplify vaccine storage monitoring. The VFC400 was created with user convenience in mind and guarantees simple operation and navigation. Utilize the user-friendly display or USB connectivity to discover how simple it is to get data. The VFC400 equips you to easily adhere to VFC regulations, CDC regulations, and confidently safeguard the integrity of vaccinations.

Ultra Cold Data Logger

The TREL-30 is an ultra-cold temperature data logger offered by Control Solutions. Its compact size and robust characteristics are known for contributing to its accuracy and reliability in monitoring temperature across various applications. This device proves valuable in cold storage facilities and laboratories, providing reassurance and confidence in maintaining temperature-sensitive processes.

Data logging Software

Numerous benefits that improve ease, accessibility, 24/7 alerting, and effectiveness come with having data logging software uploaded through the cloud. First of all, cloud-based data logging software simplifies remote access from any location with an internet connection. Users no longer need to be physically present at the location to monitor and manage their data loggers. For businesses with dispersed teams or numerous locations, this is especially advantageous.


Cloud-based data logging applications offer real-time data visualization and analysis as the second feature. Users may generate reports, evaluate and analyze data trends instantaneously, and quickly spot any possible problems. This makes it possible to make proactive decisions and take prompt action, which improves operational effectiveness.

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