Vaccinator 500 Go-Bag

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The Vaccinator 500 Go-Bag is a complete kit ready to vaccinate 500 people…just add staff and vaccine!  


The Vaccinator 500 Go-Bag (VS-500GB) is a set of supplies for the vaccination of 500 people. This prepackage module is ideal for pandemic preparedness or a smaller flu clinic. Supplies are complete and organized so all that is needed are staff and vaccine. It includes a soft-sided medical bag (MC-GB) with needed supplies for 500 patients (alcohol pads, bandages, syringes, gauze, gloves, sanitizer, spill kits, paper, pens, etc.). A SmartBook™ containing the critical data including descriptions, locations, lot numbers, expiration dates, storage parameters, etc. also is included. This system is compact and ready to roll. A line item list of products is available upon request. 


• SmartBook™ manual

• All supplies intuitively packaged into the four main compartments

• Four heavy-duty handles

• Tear-resistant nylon

• Self-repairing nylon zippers Campaign Capacity 500 people