Vaccinator 2500 Go-System

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The Vaccinator 2500 Go-System is a complete system ready to vaccinate 2,500 people…just add staff and vaccine!


The Vaccinator 2500 Go-System (VS-2500GS) is a set of supplies for the vaccination of 2500 people. This prepackage module is ideal for pandemic preparedness or a larger flu clinic. Supplies are complete and organized so all that is needed are staff and vaccine. It includes a Medical Organizer (MC-MO), two resupply cases (MC-1), biohazard containers, sharps containers, a SmartBook™ (the critical data including descriptions, locations, lot numbers, expiration dates, storage parameters, etc.), and more (alcohol pads, bandages, syringes, gauze, gloves, sanitizer, spill kits, paper, pens, etc.). This system is ready to move into any place of opportunity in emergency situations. A line item list of products is available upon request.

• 3 Mobile Medical Cases
◦ 4-Drawer w/ Table
◦ 2 Resupply Cases
• Intuitive packaging
• Biohazard containers
• Sharps containers
• Lid of 4-drawer case converts into a fold-out table
• Drawer dividers enable custom organization
• Drawer label holders identify location of product