TempArmour Vaccine Carrier

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The TempArmour™ Vaccine Refrigerator

Qualified Container and Packout
for Vaccine Clinics and Transportation

Consistent, stable temperatures within 2–8 °C

• Transport: 3 days when kept closed the entire time*

• Clinics: 8+ hours when opened and closed**

• Uses proven PCM and vacuum insulated panel (VIP) technologies

• Eliminates complicated packout procedures

• No electricity or ice packs required

• Easy conditioning of panels in refrigerator or freezer

Purpose-built for Vaccine Management and Emergency Response

The Carrier can be used for Refrigerated and/or Frozen Vaccines:
The VCT-4 Vaccine Carrier includes PCM Panels for Refrigerated Vaccines (2–8°C/36-46°F).
Model VCT-21 includes PCM Panels for Frozen Vaccines (-50 to -15 °C).
Sets of VCT-4 or VCT-21 PCM panels are interchangeable and can be purchased separately.

• Folding, lightweight cart
• Durable and functional bag with
multiple pockets and other features
to securely hold your vaccines,
documents, data logger, etc.
• IR thermometer (industrial type for
determining temperature of panels,
not people)
• User Guide specific to vaccine
transport and management
• Laminated instruction card







670 cubic inches = 11 L


20 lbs


Holds approximately 500 x 0.5ml vials OR 120 single dose syringes (Based on typical manufacturer box sizes)


* 3 days – actual time varies and is dependent on many factors (ambient temperature, etc.)
** 8+ hours is based on opening and closing every 5 minutes; actual length of time varies and is dependent on many factors (ambient temperature, etc.)


Improvements over our previous Carrier:


Fits more vaccines:

• 57% more volume to fit significantly more vaccines!
• A minor increase in overall bag dimensions is barely noticeable

More secure locking:

• D-rings to use with a padlock or zip ties

Easier to handle/move:

• Handles on each side and a removable shoulder strap

3 pockets:

• A large clear pocket at the front with a
velcro closure for easy access items
• A large clear pocket at the top with a zipper
• A zipper fabric pocket at the back for more
private/personal items