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software release notes


3.1 release 11

New Features:


·  Added support for new low-temperature LogTag models: UTREL-16, UTREL30-16 and UTREL30-WIFI

·  TREL-8 and TREL30-16 now support temperatures as low as -90 degC

·  Added option to upgrade USB logger firmware from the internet

·  TRID/TRED power save option is available 

·  Improved integration with LogTag Online (added support for new LogTag Online location export file format)

·  Added more information to Chart and data/summary tab printed Report (page number, file location)

·  Added statistics for each logger to multi chart Report

·  Added digital signature event information to Report events tables (Report tab and pdf export).

·  Improved page break handling in multi-page reports

·  Updated PDF generation to always generate file in roaming directory

·  Select display/pdf temperature unit from General Settings when creating a new profile and when configuring a new logger for the first time

·  Added warning when Windows Region doesn’t support am/pm time format and an am/pm time format is selected in Options-Date and Time or Customised CSV export.

·  Disable menu items and settings pages to prevent both LogTag Online and User Server logons at the same time

·  Improved error message on User Server settings import without administrator rights

·  Improved handling of long User ID when re-configuring USB LogTags 

·  Improvements to program stability and performance

·  Use alternative, writable folder (roaming folder) for Report logo if default templates folder is read-only

·  Apply default time interval setting to data tab and Report chart

·  Updated .NET version to 4.7.2

·  Correct scaling for printing out if Windows Display Scaling size is not 100%

·  Zoom data tab and Report chart image to default time interval selected in Settings on file open

·  Added handling to allow reserved characters in User ID, file and folder names in Reports

·  Added handling for inaccessible templates path (original installation path not writeable for current user)

·  Removed incorrect battery low message when downloading a logger that has no readings

·  Convert average temperature to display unit in Multi chart Report 

·  Corrected User Server message format for configure and download events

·  Stricter enforcement of User Server restrictions on file drag/drop and automatic download

·  Restricted max. readings in new HAXO-8 profile to 8003

·  Correctly read the download Date and Time of LTI-WIFI generated files

·  Allow to configure devices via LTI-WM-WiFi cradle


known issues:


·  Export to .csv with custom VTMC format "MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss tt" requires United States Windows Regional settings.



3.1 release 9

·         Added support for new logger model UTRED-16

·         Added dew point calculation for humidity data

·         Log Interval and Start Delay can now be entered the same way as Control Solutions VTMC 2

·         Upper and lower alarms can be configured separately for HAXO-8, SRIL-8/TRIL-8, TREL-8 and TREX-8

·         Added export to MS-Excel XLS file for data tabs

·         Humidity and temperature lines can now be switched off independently on multi charts

·         Added options to automatically zoom opened charts from last download mark to end, or from last inspection mark to end

·         Added support for PDF language selection for USB PDF Loggers models that support this option

·         Allow profile configuration of VFC400-WiFi without updating current WiFi settings

·         Added Portuguese language support

·         Add new improved version of Connection Wizard and allow to configure WiFi network credentials from configuration dialog for VFC400-WiFi

·         Annotations can now be dragged outside the bounds of a chart

·         An LTO password is not stored when "Remember password" is not selected

·         Corrected time zone display in text-based file exports to match Analyzer display time zone settings

·         VFC400-WiFi: Allow storage of SSID when WiFi password empty

·         Replace unsupported characters in .ltd file name, before saving the file

·         Use number format from Windows regional settings for new profile dialog

·         Display re-calibrated readings markers for USRIC-4 models

·         Improved application memory management to prevent "Out of memory" errors

·         corrected HAXO-8 extra reading presented for specific logger configuration

known issues:

·         Export to .csv with custom VTMC format "MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss tt" require United States Windows Regional settings.

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