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Software Downloads

Control Solutions VTMC Software:  Known issue with versions earlier than 2.9 - Click here for details.


Please note:  All software is Windows only unless otherwise specified.


LogTag/VFC 400 Software (VTMC)


Control Solutions VTMC Software Version 3.1 revision 11 (Click to download) 

for use with the VFC400-USB, VFC400-WIFI, and TREL30 Data loggers ONLY --- NOT FOR USE WITH THE VFC400 W/ Docking Station

Click Here for VTMC 3.1.11 release notes

Click Here for system requirements


 Control Solutions VTMC Software. Version 2.9 revision 6 (Click to download)

for use with the original VFC400 and TRED30 (using a docking station)


WiFi Wall Mount Interface

WiFi Wall Mount Interface Connection Wizard (Click to download)


VFC5000TP Software

Easy Log (EL-WIN-USB) Software Version 7.6 (Click to download)

Compatible Devices:
VFC 5000-TP
VFC 5000
VFC 6000
VFC 7000

You can download Microsoft .NET 3.5 HERE 



VFC WiFi Software

WiFi Sensor Software Version 1.40.14  (Click to download)

Compatible devices:
VFC 200
VFC 300 / VFC 311
VFC 350
VFC 500


 Android App Download



 Apple App Download




VFC 150 Software

VFC150 - EL-Enviropad Software Version 1.00.12 (Click to download)



Remote Support (call required before clicking)

Remote Support Session with Jeff (Click to download)

Remote Support Session with Saxon (Click to download).

Remote Support Session with Joe (Click to download).

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