VFC 400® WiFi Wall Mount Interface


Turn your VFC 400®/TRED/TREL/TREX Data Logger into a real time data logger with the WiFi Interface


The wall mounted wireless interface cradle is a high-speed interface device that connects your VFC 400®/TREL/TRED/TREX data loggers to your wireless network for real-time data downloads to the LogTag Online Cloud platform


  • Use VFC 400®-WI to upload data in real time
  • Accepts TREX/TREL/TRED/VFC400 data loggers
  • Easily set up to work with your WiFi network
  • Downloaded data is fully encrypted and automatically uploaded to a secure server
  • Uploaded data is immediately available to authorized users
  • If the WiFi network is temporarily unavailable, downloaded data is stored in the VFC 400®-WI's memory until it can be uploaded
  • Built-in indicators show data download, transmission, and network access status
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