VFC 400® Trade-Up Program

The VFC 400® Trade-Up program is designed to reduce the hassle and downtime involved in re-calibrating your VFC 400® data logger. 


For only $115 per unit, we will ship you a completely new VFC 400® data logger, removing the downtime and hassle of re-calibrating your existing VFC 400®.


How the trade up program works:

  • Order your replacement VFC 400® data logger
  • Complete your online order
  • We will ship you a completely new VFC 400® which includes:
    • (1) VFC 400® Data Logger
    • (1) Two point (fridge/freezer) Two year NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration, compliant to ISO/IEC 17025:2017
    • (1) 3" SST, 1/8"OD Probe, with 5' senor cable P/N SSP-0615
    • (1) 30 ml High density plastic (shatter proof) glycol buffer bottle P/N SPB-1019
    • (1) Extra replaceable battery and 5 zip ties
  • When you receive your replacement data logger, you just swap them out and toss your old unit




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