LogTag VFC 400®-Backup Kit


#1 data logger used by VFC providers! The VFC 400® meets or exceeds CDC/VFC guidelines


Built-in audible alarm. Alarm activation – Continuous 5 second alarm burst’s with 3 different –Db tones
New, easy to read LCD display with 30 day summary in calendar format.
Auto-pause function - unplugging the external probe automatically suspends alarm & statistics processing.
Record inspection marks at the push of a button.
External Probe with high quality gold plated connector.
It takes less than 10 seconds to download the data.


VFC 400®-Backup Vaccine Monitoring Data Logger Kit, includes:
* (1) VFC400 Data Logger
* (1) Two point (fridge/freezer) Two year NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration, compliant to ISO/IEC 17025:2017
* (1) 3" SST, 1/8"OD Probe, with 5' senor cable P/N SSP-0615
* (1) 30 ml High density plastic (shatter proof) glycol buffer bottle P/N SPB-1019
* (1) Extra replaceable battery and 5 zip ties
* 2 year warranty


The VFC 400® Vaccine Monitoring Kit measures and stores up to 15,905 temperature readings from an External Probe.
The display is designed to show ‘at a glance’ if temperature excursions have occurred during the current day and up to the previous 29 days. The display
also shows the current temperature reading, the current time, recording status and battery status.
The alarm is triggered if temperature readings are outside pre-set alarm limits. The status indicator changes from a check mark to an X and the audible alarm will sound.
From the display you can review the minimum and maximum temperatures for each day the VFC 400® has been logging up to 30 days.
The VFC 400® resets the min/max temperature at midnight every night and puts an inspection mark on the chart indicating the min/max has been checked.


VFC400® Specifications

Product Model VFC 400®
Accuracy Calibrated accuracy of ±0.3 Deg C from +40 to -40°C.
Alarming Audible and visual alarm for out-of-range temperatures.

Displays low battery indicator, current temperature, minimum and maximum temperature, alarm, duration of alarm, time, recording, stopped, and summary of
days collected.

Recording capacity Memory storage of 15,905 readings.
Logging rate User programmable logging rate from every 30 seconds to hourly.
Remote Probe Removable remote probe mounted in a shatter proof bottle in glycol solution.
Sensor cable lengths Standard 5’ long (optional 10’ length is available).
Certification Certificate of Calibration NIST traceable, compliant to ISO 17025:2017.
Download time Typically less than 10 seconds.
Battery life

Typically 1 year of operation.
NOTE: Typical battery life assumes 6 minute logging, day statistics are reviewed on the display no more than once daily for no longer than 30 seconds each
time. Download data monthly.
NOTE: Continual activation of the audible alarm will reduce the working life of the battery. When an alarm is triggered, the alarm should be cleared and reset
as soon as possible.

Power Source

3V CR2032 (LiMnO2) coin cell battery, user replaceable.
VFC 400® Specifications


 The VFC 400 meets and exceeds all the CDC's recommendations for data loggers as listed below.  

CDC recommends thermometers with the following characteristics:
1. Provide continuous monitoring information with an active display.
2. Be a digital thermometer with a probe in a glycol-filled bottle.
3. Include an alarm for out- of- range temperatures.
4. Have a reset button if using a data logger with a min/max display.
5. Be capable of showing current temperature as well as minimum and maximum temperatures.
6. Be within +/-.5°C accuracy (+/°F).
7. Have a low battery indicator.
8. Store 4,000 readings
9.  User programmable logging interval

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