introducing the VFC 311-usb VACCINE MONITORING KIT


Instant Access, no software required

Experience a streamlined approach to vaccine monitoring with the VFC 311-USB. This new vaccine monitoring kit allows you to skip the software download – simply connect the data logger to your computer via USB and open a web browser! Not only is setup a breeze, but no software means the VFC 311-USB is compatible with any operating system, ensuring universal ease of use. Say hello to easy data downloads and high-accuracy temperature monitoring.

smart probe technology means no downtime for calibration

The VFC 311-USB is equipped with an innovative, calibratable, replaceable smart probe, which means no more downtime for calibration! Once the calibration period ends, simply order a replacement smart probe (complete with a new calibration certificate and sticker) and swap out the old probe while your data logger remains in place. Hang on to your expired smart probe, as you can send it in for recalibration in 2 years. 

VFC 311-USB Key Features

  • No Software Download
  • Built-in Audible Alarm
  • 311-STP (Smart Temperature Probe) / No Downtime for Calibration
  • Easy Data Download
  • Temperature Measurement Range -40°C/-40°F – +125°C/+257°F
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5°C

Enhance your temperature monitoring process with the VFC311-USB Vaccine Monitoring Kit and experience the benefits of instant access and zero downtime. The future of uninterrupted data logging awaits.

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