Transport Coolers for Medical or Pharmaceutical Storage

Transport Coolers for Medical or Pharmaceutical Storage

Transport Coolers Explained: Understanding this Cooling Solution

Transport Coolers, also known as Cool Cubes, are customized cooling systems developed to suit the unique requirements of storing temperature-sensitive medical supplies, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and blood samples. They are an essential part of preserving the integrity and efficacy of healthcare goods that require precise temperature control.

Transport Coolers have excellent insulation and cooling technology to create a consistently regulated environment, ensuring medical contents remain within the appropriate temperature range. This is critical for maintaining the potency and purity of drugs and vaccines, as well as minimizing the deterioration of sensitive biological materials.

Because of their small size and portability, Transport Coolers are ideal for healthcare professionals who need to transfer temperature-sensitive equipment between places such as hospitals, clinics, and immunization centers. Their lightweight design, along with ergonomic handles, allows for simple movement while preventing risk to fragile medical equipment during transit.

Minimizing the risk of damaged goods is an essential aspect of healthcare logistics that not only ensures the efficient use of resources, but also upholds the safety and integrity of temperature-sensitive healthcare products. By implementing a transport cooler to mitigate potential risks during transportation and storage, healthcare providers can effectively negate waste and financial losses while bolstering their commitment to delivering top-notch patient care.

Where to buy a Transport Cooler

Transport Coolers are available from Control Solutions. They are available in three different sizes and can be purchased as refrigerated coolers or frozen coolers.

Cool Cube 03 Transport Cooler

The Cool Cube 03 is a small, portable chiller for medical personnel. Its primary features include superior insulation, accurate temperature control, and a monitoring digital display. It secures the storage of temperature-sensitive medical items using lockable compartments. The lightweight design and ergonomic handles make it simple to transfer in healthcare settings.

Cool Transport Cool Cube 08

The Cool Cube 08 and Cool Cube 03 are quite similar. The primary distinctions between the Cool Cube 08 and Cool Cube 03 are their size and storage capacity. The Cool Cube 08 is larger and has a larger storage capacity than the Cool Cube 03, making it a better option if you have more product to transport.

Cool Cube 28 Vaccine Cooler

The Cool Cube 28 is a transport cooler with a versatile and feature-rich cooling solution. It has plenty of storage capacity, pop-up handle, wheels for superior transportation. The cooler has thick insulation, which ensures excellent temperature regulation and retention for long periods of time. Its temperature settings are changeable, allowing for specific cooling preferences, and the digital display conveniently monitors inside conditions. The Cool Cube 28 also features many sections for organized storage and easy access to various objects. Its sturdy outer case’s durability and dependable latches assure secure closure, keeping contents safe during transport or storage.

VFC400 Vaccine Transport Kit

When combined with a Cool Transport Cooler, the VFC400 Vaccine Transport Kit, designed for the safe and efficient delivery of vaccines, can be enhanced with data logging capabilities. It provides a systematic and secure method of storing and transporting vaccinations while maintaining their integrity and potency. The kit includes temperature monitoring devices with data logging capabilities, a protective transport case, and other accessories.

Healthcare practitioners can actively track and record temperature data inside the cooler during transportation by including temperature monitoring devices with data logging into the kit. This allows for comprehensive temperature monitoring, ensuring that vaccinations are regularly stored within the acceptable temperature range. In case of a temperature fluctuation, the system can issue alarms immediately, thereby reducing the risk of vaccine contamination.

Healthcare practitioners can confidently transport vaccines while precisely documenting temperature conditions using the VFC400 Vaccine Transport Kit with data logging features in conjunction with a Transport Cooler. This integration promotes vaccine potency preservation, ensuring that immunizations are provided to patients in optimal condition. Ultimately, this combination adds to the effectiveness of vaccination programs as well as the well-being of those who get vaccinations, with accurate temperature data offering critical insights for quality control and regulatory compliance.


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