LogTag Online Connection Wizard

LogTag TRID30 Temperature Recorder

Getting Started

LogTag®’s wireless products are designed to upload real time data to the LogTag® Online cloud application. To do this, they must be connected to a wireless network (WLAN or “WiFi network”) and be able to connect to LogTag’s cloud service on the internet. Doing this for your LogTag® wireless devices is quick and easy thanks to this LogTag® Online Connection Wizard.

Before real-time data can be uploaded, a number of setup steps need to be completed.

  • You need to have access to a LogTag® Online account.

    LogTag® wireless loggers and interfaces require an active subscription with LogTag® Online, a secure, cloud-based data repository, management and analysis system for the LogTag® product range. You can create an account by navigating to https://logtagonline.com/signup and completing the entries. The LogTag® Online Connection Wizard also has a link to this page.
  • The devices need to be configured so they can connect to your network and to LogTag® Online.

    This is done using this LogTag® Online Connection Wizard.

  • The devices need to be registered against your team’s account.

    The LogTag® Online Connection Wizard will automatically register devices for you if you provide your sign in details when you run the Wizard. You can also register the device by signing in to your LogTag® Online account at http://logtagonline.com and completing the steps for device registration.

  • Any logger needs to be associated (“attached”) to a location, before it can upload real time data.

    A logger’s uploaded real-time readings will only appear in LogTag® Online, if you have allocated a place where the data can be stored. In LogTag® Online this is called a location, and associating the logger with this location is called attaching the logger.

    Once loggers are associated with a location, uploading these via one of the wireless interfaces no longer generates files on LogTag® Drive.
    The step of attaching loggers to locations is not explained in this guide. You can find more information about locations, device registration and attaching loggers in the LogTag® Online help.

Before you start the LogTag® Online Connection Wizard please make sure you have following:

  • A LogTag® WiFi device you wish to connect

    You need to connect this device to your PC with the included USB cable. This PC requires internet access.

  • Your wireless network name (the network SSID)
  • Your wireless network password (WiFi password)
    Ask your IT Administrator if you are unsure which network you should connect to.
  • Your LogTag® Online account name (email address)
  • Your LogTag® Online sign in password
  • If you are part of more than one team, the name of the team for which you want to register the logger
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