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Calibration Loaner/Rental
Product Description

Control Solutions rental/loaner program allows you to maintain continuous monitoring of vaccines maintaining compliance with VFC/CDC requirement while your equipment is being re-certified. Control Solutions will send NIST traceable data loggers to replace the equipment that you send to us for calibration.


Lease Rental Agreement

Credit Card or PO (faxed) to secure quantities necessary (holds reservations if quantities are not available). Upon receiving your loaner devices, place them into operation and ship your equipment to Control Solutions with a completed RMA form. 

Download and fill out the RMA form: Calibration RMA Form


Control Solutions will perform NIST traceable calibration and return the equipment back to you.


The customer is responsible for returning the leased data loggers back to CSI within 10 days of receiving your instrument.


If the equipment is not received within the 10 day period, charges for replacement of the data logger(s) will occur.