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  • PHC MPR-722-PA Laboratory Refrigerator
    PHC MPR-722-PA Laboratory Refrigerator
    $7,567.00 $5,609.00
    Specifications: Capacity: 24.2 cu. ft. / 684L Door(s): single, glass Defrost System: Electronically monitored evaporator Temperature Range: +2°C to +23°C, adjustable by 1°C increments Exterior Dimension:...
  • VFC Site Inspection Kit
    VFC Site Inspection Kit
    The VFC Traveling inspection Kit will make Vaccine Thermometer inspections/validation quicker, saving you time and money. Glycol buffer vials can take up to 1.5 hours to stabilize to fridge temperatures. Keeps glycol filled...
  • A1-05A Ambient Temperature & Humidity Pod
    A1-05A Ambient Temperature & Humidity Pod
    The A1-05a Atmospheric Sensor Pod measures the temperature and humidity at a given location. This pod can also be used as a "Repeater Pod" to extend the coverage or range of the network, or to add redundancy to a...
  • PHC MPR-715F-PA
    PHC MPR-715F-PA
    $10,123.00 $7,504.00
    Specifications: Refrigerator Capacity: 14.7 cu. ft. / 415L (refrig); 6.2 cu. ft. / 176L (frz) Door(s): four total; double, glass (refrig) and double, solid (frz) Defrost System: cycle (refrig); manual (frz) Temperature...
  • PHC MPR-1014-PA Laboratory Refrigerator
    PHC MPR-1014-PA Laboratory Refrigerator
    $9,407.00 $6,975.00
    Specifications: Capacity: 36.5 cu. ft. / 1033L Door(s): double sliding, glass Defrost System: cycle Temperature Range: +2°C to +14°C Exterior Dimension: 70.5”H x 70.9”W x 23...
  • A1-01a Wireless General Purpose Data Logger
    A1-01a Wireless General Purpose Data Logger
    The A1-01a General Purpose Sensor Pod is designed for general environmental measurements. It provides several different internal sensors, as well as a screw terminal connector for connecting to a wide range of external...

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