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VFC200/300/350 FAQ

 For many of the questions, please refer to these two help guides.

Help Guide 3 - Network requirements and settings

Help Guide 4 - Troubleshoot common connection and network problems 



Why can't I sign into my cloud account on the software?

If you have already signed up for a cloud account through us, it's possible the software you downloaded is point at the wrong server. From the home screen (where you can click set-up/view devices/advanced) and press "ctrl - alt - S" at the same time (much like ctrl-alt-del). This should bring up a cloud settings window in the software.

Please make sure both URLs are pointed at "vfc.wifisensorcloud.com" and not "www.wifisensorcloud.com".

What are "RsT", "FaRS" and "FRST"?

These are reset codes. If you hold down the button on the logger itself for 10+ seconds it will do a soft reset and just basically restart the device.

If you hold the button for 20+ seconds this will factory reset the device, wiping all data stored on the logger and un-associate it with your network/cloud. 

How do I download the data via USB?

Only if you have previously set up your logger on a network will it retain any data. In the event of a Wifi/Power outage where you need to collect the data that is being stored on the device, you would connect the logger via the usb cable provided and go to advanced settings within the WiFi Sensor Software, then click "USB Download".

This will then ask if you want to save the data onto the computer or the cloud. If you have a cloud account, I suggest you choose the "on the cloud" option.

How do you clear the min/max?

If you press the button on the logger multiple times it will cycle through different screens, such as: MAX, MIN, then the WiFi signal strength, then back to the current temp. 

While in the MAX or MIN screen (each of these will be performed separately) simply hold the button down for around 5 seconds or until you see two rows of dashes (----). This will clear the MIN or MAX until the next time you go through the procedure again.