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VFC 400

Installation and Setup Instructions


     Part 1 VFC400 Installation

     Part 2 VFC400 Software Download

     Part 3 VFC400 Software Setup

     Part 4 VFC400 Configuration

     Part 5 VFC400 Operation

      Battery Replacement

     Downloading the data

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Video Help Guides


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Why are there dashes where the temperature should be? 

This indicates the probe was disconnected when the logger took a sample. The readings are paused until the next sample is taken and will show a temperature again when the probe is connected and the next sample is taken. 

How do you start it? 

To start the VFC400: hold the start button down; the word "starting" will display. A second later the word ready disappears; when the word ready disappears you must remove your thumb/ finger within 1-2 seconds or it will go back to the "ready" state. 

How do you stop it? 

Simply hold the start/clear/stop button for 2 seconds and release. The temperature will disappear and the word "stopped" will display. 

How do you get the audible alarm to stop? 

If the audible alarm is going off you've gone into an excursion and need to download the data onto the computer to see when/how it happened. Downloading and re-configuring the logger is the only way to stop the audible alarm.








LogTag TRED30 FAQs 


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How do I start the LogTag TRED30?

The LogTag data loggers have a start/clear/stop button that needs to be pressed firmly with thumb or finger to make the screen display "starting". This will blink several times until it "double blinks". When "starting" blinks twice rapidly instead of once, take your finger/thumb off the button. The logger display should produce a temperature; this is how you know it is started.

Why does the screen say -199.99?

This number indicates the LogTag took a reading with the probe not inserted. The display will change when the next sample is taken and the probe is inserted properly.

The display isn't reading a temp and says stopped. 

This indicates that the logTag either ran out of memory and stopped recording, or was stopped by holding the start/clear/stop button. To restart the readings, insert the LogTag into the docking station and run it through the software again.

How do I check the min/max?

The top button on the front of the logger says "review/mark"; press this button to review the min/max for the previous days. The numbered box below the temperature indicates how many days prior to the current reading that min/max was taken.

Why is there an "X" over the battery symbol?

The "X" over the battery symbol indicates a dead battery.

How do I change the battery?

There is a white plastic square that is adhered onto the back of the LogTag that may be covered by a calibration sticker. If you peel the calibration sticker up slightly from the bottom left corner you will see a notch that you can slide a fingernail or razor underneath to pry up the white square. Underneath the square is a round plug that you must twist (best to use a spare battery or quarter) to the left to remove and reveal the CR2032 battery. This can be removed with a small standard (flat) screwdriver.

*Each kit comes with a spare battery; check your original box before ordering a new bettery.





VFC-5000TP FAQs 

Setup Guide


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What is Prob 2?

Prob 2 is a probe error. This means the logger took reading without the probe being inserted, or the probe is no longer detected in the logger, meaning the probe is possibly broken. Similarly, it can say Prob A, if it's using an "A" type probe.

"---" is the only thing on the screen.

The three dashes indicates the logger has been stopped; whether that be from removing the battery at some point, or the logger glitched and reset itself, this does not mean the battery is dead. This just indicates the logger needs to be set up again with the EasyLog software.

Why won't the logger connect to the USB?

There are two possible reasons the logger can't be detected by the computer: 

The first being that every time it connects it has a power surge of sorts and restarts the logger in the middle of the connection. If you watch the lights on the front while you plug it in, they will blink rapidly when you connect the logger. If this happens, remove the battery and bend a paperclip to where you can touch both ends to each terminal end of the battery for about 5 seconds. (this will not shock you)

If that is not the case, the usb driver on the computer is not working correctly. Please follow these instructions (CLICK HERE)

Why doesn't the screen come on?

There is a known issue with the logger taking a bad reading and the screen not coming back on. A workaround for this is to keep the screen always on, which is in the initial setup. (this will not drain the battery as quickly as you may think)

Why does the logger immediately flash red when removed from the computer?

The logger may ready -50 on the graph, or say Prob2 on the screen or just show a blank screen with the red light flashing. Most likely the logger is set to immediately start when the program is finished running the setup. We always recommend you choose the option to have the logger start when the button is pressed.

Why does the screen say "P5"?

This is actually "PS" for "push to start". This means you have correctly set the logger to start when the button is pressed and it's just waiting for your input.

What is Lo9 error?

This is actually not an error, this is just saying "Log" as in, the logger has started logging readings because you pressed the button.







WiFi Sensor FAQ (VFC200/300/350)


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Setup Guide

Adding Text Alerts

For many common issues, please refer to the following two help guides.

Help Guide 3 - Network requirements and settings

Help Guide 4 - Troubleshoot common connection and network problems  


Why can't I sign into my cloud account on the software?

If you have already signed up for a cloud account through us, it's possible the software you downloaded is point at the wrong server. From the home screen (where you can click set-up/view devices/advanced) and press "ctrl - alt - S" at the same time (much like ctrl-alt-del). This should bring up a cloud settings window in the software.

Please make sure both URLs are pointed at "vfc.wifisensorcloud.com" and not "www.wifisensorcloud.com".

What are "RsT", "FaRS" and "FRST"?

These are reset codes. If you hold down the button on the logger itself for 10+ seconds it will do a soft reset and just basically restart the device.

If you hold the button for 20+ seconds this will factory reset the device, wiping all data stored on the logger and un-associate it with your network/cloud. 

How do I download the data via USB?

Only if you have previously set up your logger on a network will it retain any data. In the event of a Wifi/Power outage where you need to collect the data that is being stored on the device, you would connect the logger via the usb cable provided and go to advanced settings within the WiFi Sensor Software, then click "USB Download".

This will then ask if you want to save the data onto the computer or the cloud. If you have a cloud account, I suggest you choose the "on the cloud" option.

How do you clear the min/max?

If you press the button on the logger multiple times it will cycle through different screens, such as: MAX, MIN, then the WiFi signal strength, then back to the current temp. 

While in the MAX or MIN screen (each of these will be performed separately) simply hold the button down for around 5 seconds or until you see two rows of dashes (----). This will clear the MIN or MAX until the next time you go through the procedure again. 



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